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Nonpaeil Typeis a small type company with a simple plan—to issue typefaces tailored to suit the needs of the modern typographer. With an eye toward typefaces with personality and purpose, we plan revivals of historical classics, lost 20th century masterpieces and completely new designs. We’re designers, too. We use type in book design and commercial graphics and understand that different typographical contexts present different typographical issues. Like you, we see what is missing. We want what we don’t see. And we want it with fi and fl ligatures. Throw us an ornament now and then, and we’re happy.
David Classic Ismar David made an indelible mark on the typographic world in 1954 when Intertype issued David Hebrew, to this day one of the most influential and ubiquitous type-faces in Israel. He also designed a handful of Roman faces originally issued for photo composition, which had only limited distribution. Nonpareil makes his elegant and calligraphic David Classic, with expanded character set, available to a wider public. Roman, italic & roman small caps.
Kelly Sans is a humanistic sans serif face in the tradition of Gill Sans and Syntax, but designer Jerry Kelly’s renderings come closer to classic proportions and purity of letter design, with forms and widths carefully adjusted to the classical ideal. The fit is more open than most sans serif fonts, which are often so closely spaced that the characters almost appear to melt into each other in smaller sizes. Roman regular, italic regular, roman semibold, & italic semibold.
Ismar David designed this alphabet for a monumental stone inscription and Inscripta owes its distinctive incised quality to these origins. In-formed by southern Gothic lettering styles, the typeface packs a powerful graphic personality. Roman & small caps.
A modern rendering of one of the most famous, and yet mysterious, titling types of all times. It dates back to the sixteenth century and was possibly cut by Peter Schoeffer, Gutenberg’s foreman and a partner at Fust & Schoeffer, the second press in the West. This striking and unusual design soon captivated printers all over Europe, who used it almost continuously for the next century. Amazingly, no revival has been made before now. Capitals & small capitals, figures, punctuation & ornaments only (no lowercase.)
Joseph Blumenthal was innovative when he designed Emerson for his own Spiral Press in the 1930s. Its strong serifs and good weight made it well suited for offset printing, as well as the then dominant letterpress. Ironically, Emerson is the only one of the type-faces deemed the twenty classics by Monotype that has not been issued in a digital version—until now. Roman, italic, small caps, display roman, & display italic.
Nonpareil is especially proud to offer this distinctive original new design by Jerry Kelly. Rilke has the strong stems and relatively light hairlines and serifs of a tran-sitional typeface. The proportions and delicacy of the rendering make it appropriate for both text and titling. Roman, italic, small caps, display roman, & display italic.
AFTER YOUR PAYMENT IS COMPLETE you will automatically receive an email with a link to download the file. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder, then call or email us. YOU CAN PAY WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD. Paypal processes your order, but there is no need for you to have a PayPal account or to register with PayPal. Thanks for ordering a Nonpareil typeface. Each font is licensed for up to two computers. Additional licenses cost $20 per computer per font. Click below for each additional license. Please call us about licenses for more than 12 computers.